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What We Believe

At Gateway, the systems and the protocols we started with make up our magic sauce. They helped create the culture from day one and they will also help maintain the culture. Yes, we could find new things and introduce new systems… but why build new blocks when we have old ones we can continue to build upon?

We believe that effective culture:

  • Places students at the center of what we do.

  • Focuses on developing relationships with individual student so each student is seen.

  • Creates mutual responsibility between all members of the community.

  • Establishes a means for cycles of feedback.

  • Is maintained by the community rather than individuals

  • Lives in the many traditions, rituals and ceremonies.


At UA Gateway we use Goal Oriented Learning Development (GOLD) to identify and provide support in specific areas where a student might be struggling. After teaching a lesson or throughout the course of a week, teachers identify between one and eight students who are struggling to meet learning targets during class to attend the class’s appropriate GOLD period. Teacher will have a structured time to meet with students in each of their classes and students who are not meeting learning targets in multiple classes can meet with all necessary teachers at least once a week.  A struggling student should not go for more than one week without targeted teacher support.


  • GOLD is prescriptive. The teacher selects the students and holds them accountable to attend.

  • GOLD is small group instruction. There should be 4-5 students in your GOLD.

  • GOLD is strategic. The teacher selects the students based on either providing extra support for not meeting learning targets or as additional support to exceed learning targets.

  • GOLD is rotating. GOLD is a rotating opportunity to work with and connect with as many kids in your class as possible.

  • GOLD is proactive.


  • GOLD is not subscriptive. Kids do not make the decision regarding GOLD. 

  • GOLD is not an extension of class. It should not be the entire class staying through GOLD.

  • GOLD is not an open invite for whoever wants to stay.

  • GOLD is not a study hall for kids to make up tests, or missed work.

  • GOLD is not kids solely working independently without any teacher interaction or support

  • GOLD is not one on one student tutoring

  • GOLD is not a punishment. 



When we are collaborative, we allow for even the best ideas to be improved by the wisdom of others.  Collaboration, participation and having a voice is the foundation of ownership, membership, and value.

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